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Takashi Kondo: The Man with the Golden Voice

You may not have heard of Takashi Kondo, but if you’ve watched Japanese television much you’ve more than likely heard his dulcet tones. He’s a voiceover artist extraordinaire, who has lent his talents to a staggering range of programmes, ranging from anime, to narrations to the dubbed versions of overseas imports. He’s running what promises to be a fascinating workshop at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2017, sharing some of his trade secrets and teaching participants how to speak Japanese like a pro! He’ll also be taking questions from the audience.


Takashi Kondo is a leading, highly prolific voiceover artist working in Japanese television, radio and gaming. He has worked on a number of anime series, including 91 Days, where he voiced the leading part of Avilio, as well as Scared Rider XechS and Tsukiuta: The Animation. He has also been heard on the Japanese versions of Sex and the City and Supergirl. When resting his vocal cords, he enjoys playing darts and mahjong.