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Hokusai On A Silk: Takumi Silk

Can you believe that these images are not printed, not even drawn. They are woven into silk! Yes, master craftsmen from Takumi Silk can exquisitely weave Hokusai’s famous Great Wave into a silk! This is the skill and accuracy that they have achieved.

The roots of “Hakata-ori” silk can be traced back to 700 years. The Hakata-ori obi (sash band for kimono) was not only beautiful but strong enough to hold a heavy samurai sword. Samurai therefore loved these obi.

Moving forward to the modern day, as Japanese fashion styles have changed from kimono to western style clothing, hakata-ori silk textiles have also developed its style from clothing to other products including household items.

At HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017, we proudly welcome Takumi Silk. They are not just keeping an ancient tradition going but also developing with the times, advancing their styles and ideas. Visit their booth and feel the spirit of the hundreds of years of tradition seeping through their silks. Hundreds of hakata-ori silks await you. Come to their stand to see and feel them! Become inspired to use their silks and create something yourself!


Founded in 1955, Hakata Takumi Kougei has been seeking for a way that the traditional hand weaving and the modern concepts can coexist. Their textiles received an award in the “41st Exhibition of Traditional Art Crafts in Fukuoka Prefecture”.