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Nihon Buyo: A Most Elegant Dance

Each step a precise movement, each turn a carefully choreographed move, a performance by the Hiroko Tanaka Nihon Buyo Group is so much more than a traditional dance. Nihon Buyo (lit: dance) is a stunning display of the utmost elegance and beauty, and that’s even before you factor in their breathtakingly beautiful kimono.

Most strongly influenced by Kabuki, but also by Noh and folk dance, the practice takes circular movements and props from Noh, and spinning and jumping expressions from traditional folk dance.

img_tanakaHiroko Tanaka began learning Nihon Buyo at the age of 6 in Kyoto, where she was born and raised, and has been dancing for nearly 60 years. She has been teaching this elegant Japanese dance form Nihon Buyo in London since 2003. Her students are a mix of various backgrounds and nationalities ranging from office workers and business people to chefs and actresses. The students showcase their skills in twice yearly reviews and are proud to be able showcase their skills at public events.