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Black Jack: The Movie – Showing at HYPER JAPAN

BlAnime is enjoyed by people all around the world, and its messages appeal to people of all ages. From young children to married couples, young university students to retirees – the happiness they get from watching anime is the same. When watching an anime, we all remember the happy hours in front of the TV of our childhood.


This year, we are proud to announce a screening of “BLACK JACK: The Movie” at the HYPER JAPAN Festival 2015. Originally a manga series created by the legendary Tezuka Osamu, BLACK JACK: The Movie is the 1996 adaptation of the 1993 manga series. A must-see for any fan of anime/manga, BLACK JACK: The Movie will be a spellbinding glimpse into the wonderful world of Tezuka Osamu’s Black Jack.


Black Jack: The Movie will be screened from 12:45PM on Sunday, July 12th. The screening will take place at the HYPER Theatre, located on the first floor of Building Six. Runtime is approximately 90 minutes.

Black Jack

BLACK JACK: The Movie is a copyright of TEZUKA PRODUCTIONS and Shochiku Co., Ltd.