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The Giveaway Grows!

We’re ramping things up here at HYPER JAPAN, and that means we’re giving away even more prizes in our ticket purchase raffle. 449 more, to be exact!!

Contest Outline:

  • How to enter: Purchase a ticket for HYPER JAPAN from Ticketweb. Your name will be automatically entered in a raffle.
  • How to know if you’ve won: Check our site for a list of ticket numbers and the respective prizes to be awarded. Find your ticket number. It will be 9 characters (including spaces!) located under the bar-code and is unique to you, so check yours with the list on our site to find out if you’ve won.
  • Claim your prize: Bring your ticket to the organiser’s office on the day of the event and claim your prize! If you cannot make it to our office for any reason, we’ll keep your prize at our office for up to two weeks, where you will be welcome to come and pick it up. (Please e-mail us in advance of pickup!)

The drawing will be held on Monday 10th July, so make sure you’ve purchased your tickets before then!!!

Here’s what we’re giving away:

Grand Prizes

  • 3 – Clearspring Luxury Japanese Sushi Kits
  • 3 – Clearspring Traditional Japanese Matcha Kits
  • 5 – Dashi and Umami Books
  • 3 – Mokuhankan Ukiyo-e Prints with stands

First Prizes

  • 100 – All About Sake Book
  • 10 – The Japanese Menu Book (Japanese Cuisine Info and Terminology)
  • 10 – The Secret Ingredients Recipe Book
  • 3 – Clearspring Tea Selection

 Second Prizes

  • 200 – Seaweed Recipe Book
  • 100 – Tofu Recipe Book
  • 6 – Clearspring Matcha Shot real matcha drink mix