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The Sake Experience 2013 Winners, Chosen by You!

The Eat-Japan Sake Experience, Europe’s biggest public tasting event for sake, where you can try, learn, buy, and vote as you enjoy Japan’s most traditional tipple, returned once again for HYPER JAPAN 2013. This year’s event featured 11 breweries, who brought with them 27 different sakes and fruit based liqueurs.

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We’re delighted to announce that 800 visitors participated in this event, voting for their favourite sakes in four different categories. The results were as follows.

People’s Favourite:

Your overall favourite sake.

Perfect Sake for British Summer:

The sake you would most like to enjoy in the summertime.

Best Match with British Food:

The sake you would most like to pair with British cuisine

Best Handcrafted Sake:

The most interesting handcrafted sake