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Ticket Raffle Winners Announced!

After adding a ton more amazing prizes, we’ve finally drawn the winners for the raffle! The biggest prizes are listed below, but don’t despair! Come to the giveaway table on the day and check the full list to see if you’ve won!

  • How to find your ticket number: Your ticket number is made up of 9 characters (including spaces and symbols!) and will have an asterisk on either side. (Ex: *98d %4D9i* ) It is located under the bar-code and is unique to you, so check yours with the list to see if you’ve won.
  • Claiming your prize: Bring your ticket to the table opposite the entrance to the HYPER LIVE stage on the day of the event and claim your prize! If you cannot make it for any reason, we’ll keep your prize at our office for up to two weeks, where you will be welcome to come and pick it up. (Please e-mail or message us in advance of pickup!)
Grand Prizes Winner
1 Ocean Waves DVD *+9%PIWQQS*
1 Pair Ramen Gift Certificates
for Monohon Ramen
2 Pairs Tickets to see Kiki’s Delivery
Service at the Southwark Playhouse
*$TT LH9K *


2 single Bottles of craft sake from London’s
Kanpai Brewery


3 Clearspring Luxury Japanese Sushi Kits *$WFLX25/J*


*- L%24JDL*

3 Clearspring Traditional Japanese
Matcha Kits



5 Dashi and Umami Books *7FV/E2ZBA*

*OA5XF/ %U*




3 Mokuhankan Ukiyoe Prints *YC5 LH %U*




First Prizes Winner
3 Clearspring Tea Selections
* 3XY7U42P*
10 “The Secret Ingredients” Recipe Book
*9TTN//CK *
*1PNFR 4-*
10 “The Japanese Menu” Book (Japanese
cuisine info and terminology)
*3D5 V-$%U*

List of second-prize winners can be found here –