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Tofu Cute: Candy Festival, Kawaii goods, and much more!

Tofu Cute looks forward to introducing your taste buds to new sensations and filling your world with colour! They’re returning to HYPER JAPAN Festival in 2016, bringing their large range of fun and fascinating Japanese sweets, and huge array of kawaii items!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love Tofu Cute’s range of tempting treats from Japan. Many people have heard of Pocky sticks, but at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016 you’ll also be able to purchase the rarer and lesser-known Japanese snacks that are almost impossible to find in the UK.

Anyone who has explored the cute and colourful world of Japanese snacks will know the delight of sampling a product for the first time. There is extraordinary attention to detail; every inch of the packaging is covered in beautifully designed images and text.

We know it can be daunting buying a whole packet of something you’ve never tried before, so to sample a wide range of Japanese treats in bite-sized amounts, be sure to check out the Tofu Cute x HYPER JAPAN Candy Festival.

Also for the indecisive of you out there, we’d like to introduce Tofu Cute Lucky Bags, coming to HYPER JAPAN for the first time! Tofu Cute Lucky Bags are cute drawstring bags with a Maneki Neko (lucky cat) on the front, and they contain a random delightful selection of treats inside.

2016_gachaponYou can choose from either a blue coloured Snacks bag containing an assortment of Japanese candy, biscuits, chocolate and sweets, or a pink coloured Amuse bag containing an adorably fluffy range of Amuse charms, keychains and plushies – expect Alpacasso, Korohamu Hamster, Tuchineko cats and more! Both types of lucky bags are available at three different price points, to suit every budget!

Also look out for kawaii items such as Re-Ment miniatures featuring Rilakkuma, PomPomPurin, Sailor Moon and more, cute stationery such as pens, stickers, notepads and deco tapes, and bento making accessories that help you create the cutest lunch around! Tofu Cute will also be presenting kawaii Gachapon machines – the coin-operated capsule gift machines that are so popular and famous in Japan.

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