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Tofu Cute Kawaii Photo Booth

Get ready to strike a pose! Our friends at Tofu Cute are helping us to furnish a special, super-cute photo booth, populated by a host of cuddly critters that will serve as the perfect backdrop for a commemorative snap of your visit to the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2016.

If you’re planning to attend the event resplendent in your full cosplay regalia, you’ll want to record the moment for posterity, and where better than in this purpose-built cocoon of cuteness? Even if you’re not dressing up to attend the event, you can still make use of the booth to take a few photos to remind yourself of all the fun you’ve had at HYPER JAPAN!

You can take your own photo (don’t forget your selfie stick!), or have one taken for you. The exact design of the booth will be a closely guarded secret until the event itself, so be sure to check it out when you arrive at the 2016 Christmas Market!