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Tofu Cute presents: Monchhichi

Bandai has recently re-launched Monchhichi into the UK, and Tofu Cute is thrilled to be assisting in introducing these adorable characters to a whole new generation of fans and re-uniting old friends too. Tofu Cute will be offering Bandai’s classic range of Monchhichi at the HYPER JAPAN Festival, plus some ultra-rare limited Japanese releases and matching merchandise too. There’s a Monchhichi friend for everyone!


The iconic and much-loved Monchhichi was created in Tokyo in 1974 by character designer Yoshiharu Washino and introduced by Mr K Sekiguchi, owner and president of Sekiguchi toy corporation. Their name is derived from the French “mon petit” (my small cute thing) + the hint of “mon” from the English word “monkey” + “chi-chi” which is the Japanese sound for sucking on a pacifier. All together, it gives us “Monchhichi”. Sekiguchi created Monchhichi in order to inspire respect, friendship and sharing in children and adults alike. It has been a household name for three generations, and is much loved across the world as a positive and inspirational companion. Some people may remember having a “Chicaboo” when they were younger – this was the UK re-branding of Monchhichi during the 1980s. Today, more than 70 million Monchhichi and accessories have been sold in over 40 countries around the world, and there have been countless different editions produced, ranging from pastel coloured and Harajuku fashion-wearing Monchhichi, to traditional culture Monchhichi and even Bebicchichi, the newborn version!


Introduction to Tofu Cute

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love Tofu Cute’s fun and fascinating range of sweets, biscuits and chocolate from Japan. And no, we’re not just talking about Pocky; at Tofu Cute’s stall you’ll be able to purchase rare Japanese snacks, some of which will be tofucute_snacks1on offer for the very first time in the UK! Other treats will include rich and creamy Meiji chocolate; wacky and chewy Puccho candy in several flavours; super rare and unusual Japanese Kit Kats; delicious matcha (green tea) biscuits, and much else besides! They’ll also be stocking a larger range of drinks than ever before, including traditional Japanese soda ramune (now in twelve different flavours!), plus iced fruit teas, well-known canned coffees, unusual Fanta flavours, and even Melon Milk. Don’t miss the incredible Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Kits, made famous by self-filmed YouTube videos!


Tofu Cute will also be offering more kawaii items than ever before! The UK-based store, specialising in cute accessories, stationery, gifts, plushies and snacks, aims to share the philosophy of kawaii – stay young at heart and allow fun items to inject tofucute_gifts4positive energy into your everyday life. They now offer a membership card called the Tofu Tomodachi Card, which allows you to save up points with every purchase you make at events, in store or via their website, which can be redeemed online for prizes or money off.

As the UK’s official retailer of Amuse plushies, Tofu Cute will have a whole area within their booth dedicated to this adorable range. Amuse usually produce items just for the claw grabber machines in arcades in Japan, however Tofu Cute is now excited to offer these for sale directly from the UK. As well as classic favourite Alpacasso alpaca, there will be other equally cute characters such as Poteusa Loppy, Wooly the sheep, Tuchineko the lying-down cat, Techi Techi Gomarachi the seal pup, and Gororin pandas. These are available in a wide range of sizes to suit every budget, from tiny fuzzy charms to giant 50cm tall plushies! There will also be a wide range of kawaii bento making items available – get all the tools you need to make a super cute lunch themed around pandas, bears or bunnies, plus the bento boxes to present them in.