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Tofu Cute x AMUSE Photo Opportunity Area

Make a wish! Tofu Cute are bringing Christmas magic to HYPER JAPAN, with a festive twist on our iconic Tofu Cute x AMUSE photo opportunity area, a winter wonderland filled with adorable plushies on a beautifully decorate Christmas tree – the perfect place to leave your holiday wishes for the new year!

As Tofu Cute has partnered with AMUSE (the company behind everyone’s beloved Alpacasso plushies), you’ll have the chance to snap a cute selfie with the full range of AMUSES’ cuddly creatures – use our exclusive hashtag #tofucuteamuse and tag us in your pictures for a chance to win a kawaii prize!

The photo opportunity area includes a range of super giant AMUSE plush, including lesser-spotted SUPER GIANT Alpacasso, a snuggly 80cm behemoth that stands (or more accurately, lounges) head and shoulders above its smaller brethren. There’s also some inflatable sweet treats and a cute backdrop to make your picture look out-of-this-world kawaii!

To add a Japanese twist to the photo area, Tofu Cute are inviting our customers to write and draw on their own unique Japanese style Ema plaque to hang their hopes and dreams on our kawaii Christmas tree!~

Don’t worry if you can’t make it – we can still make your festive dreams come true with our Tofu Cute lucky bags, which will include new exclusive ranges that we’ll be adding online over the Christmas period. ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ