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Tofu Cute x Amuse Photo Opportunity Area

It’s a well-known fact that HYPER JAPAN attracts all sorts of amazing Japanese kawaii, and Tofu Cute have been serving up a fresh dose of cute-and-cuddly items to our visitors for years. This Christmas Market, they’re taking things up a level with the Tofu Cute x Amuse Photo Opportunity area! As the official UK retailer for Amuse (the company behind everyone’s beloved Alpacasso plushies), they’ve put together something special; an area next to their stall which will be packed full of fluffy friends for you to frolic alongside, and take the most kawaii selfie you’ll manage outside of a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu event. This includes the lesser-spotted SUPER GIANT Alpacasso (caps for emphasis!), a snuggly 80cm behemoth that stands (or more accurately, lounges) head and shoulders above its smaller brethren.

There’s more to kawaii plushies than Alpacasso, however, and Tofu Cute are bringing along a new contender for your favourite fluffy Japanese snugglebuddy, the Korohamu family of hamster plushes! “Koro” coming from the Japanese onomatopoeia for rolling around, these cutey cuddlies live up to their name, and will also be available to buy at the Tofu Cute booth should you feel like giving one a new home.

By the way, we can’t stress this enough. SUPER GIANT Alpacasso!