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225m² of Kawaii-ness: Tofu Cute, ARTBOX and Dreamy Bows!

If you know anything about HYPER JAPAN, then you’ll know the “Harajuku” Kawaii Zone is where you’ll find a giant stall full of cute plushies, fun snacks, goodie bags, stylish fashion accessories… Yep, we’re talking about Tofu Cute, ARTBOX, and Dreamy Bows, and they’re back!

Look for the two giant islands with pink and green carpeting and you’ll find them!

Plushies, snacks, goodie bags, pins, stickers, yep yep yep!

Famous brands like SANRIO, SAN-X, IWAKO, and more!

Lolita, hime kei, fairy kei, or just casual kawai-ness, it’s all here!

Dreamy Bows: