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Take a Ride with Tokyo Rickshaw

Visit the traditional neighbourhood of Asakusa in Tokyo, and you’re sure to see rickshaws rolling around, snug tourists being pulled along by strong young men known as “shafu.” Tokyo Rickshaw is made of of four such men, who have taken the art of being “shafu” to a whole other level. Combining exciting music and acrobatics, this dance/music/acrobatic unit presents an unforgettable stage show embodying the spirit of Japanese-ness! Not to mention they’ll be bringing an actual rickshaw for guests to ride on and take pictures in! Don’t miss the chance to see these Asakusa celebrities in the flesh at HYPER JAPAN!

Originally formed in November of 2015, Tokyo Rickshaw was formed with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in mind. Striving to promote the concept of Japanese “omotenashi” (hospitality), the members of this group still work in Asakusa, entertaining and playing tour guide for visiting tourists. The currently lineup was formed in January of this year, when they auditioned actors, athletes, comedians, and other aspiring performers from around the country.