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TOMOCA, Silken-Voiced ‘Wa-pop’ Singer

, quite simply, creates beautiful music. Whether performing her own original songs, or re-styling well-known IMG_2237Japanese classics, her dulcet tones mingled with traditional Japanese instruments and a slight hint of pop makes for wonderful listening.

Educated at Japan’s prestigious Kunitachi College of Music, Tomoca had her eyes opened to the splendour of Japanese culture and history, and blends this into pop music into her “Wa-pop” or “W-pop” style, along with the input of the members of Team Tomoca. She started performing at concerts in 2006 with the aim of promoting Japanese traditions and culture to a global audience; TOMOCA’s first single “Tatta hitotsu no koufuku” (The One and Only Happiness) was released in 2007 through Universal, and her first album “Iroha-shi” (The Iroha Poem) came out in 2009. Nowadays Tomoca appears on stage as many as 100 times per year, either as a solo act, or in collaboration with other artists; in 2010, she represented Japan at the Shangai World Expo’s ASIA SQUARE and was selected as one of the BEST 8 alongside the Philadelphia Orchestra.

If this introduction rings a bell for some of you, that’s because TOMOCA is actually a HYPER JAPAN veteran, having appeared onstage at our Christmas 2012 event to great acclaim! If you’d like to see her kimono-clad figure again this summer, make sure to head on over to our HYPER Live area and the Festival Stage, where she’ll be serenading visitors with her superb selection of soothing songs.