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Urban Food Fest Rolls In to HYPER JAPAN

This summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival is going to be tastier than ever before, thanks to our special visitors Urban Food Fest. Yes, the hippest street-food vendors this side of Shoreditch are rocking up in their charmingly retro food trucks.

Amazing food is always one of the main attractions at our events, and this year there’ll be more choice than ever before. As Mike Egerton, founder of Urban Food Fest explains, “we are extremely excited to be a part of the incredible HYPER JAPAN 2017. We will be bringing 7 delicious gourmet global Urban Food Fest street food trucks and stalls to the Quayside food court at Tobacco Dock. We look forward to all the wonderful visitors enjoying our delicious street food dishes and drinks.”

There’s bound to be something to tantalise all taste buds, with a brilliant range of delicious cuisines on offer, all washed down with a tempting range of beverages. Urban Food Fest’s markets in a car park on Shoreditch High Street have become a mecca for the capital’s foodies, and now you can sample their wares whilst enjoying all the fun of the HYPER JAPAN Festival. It’s a truly lip-smacking combination!



  • Home-made risotto balls
  • Margherita
  • Vegetariana
  • Carnivora
  • Romana
  • Nduja’e’Talegg
  • Bona Vera
  • Nobile
  • Sottobosco

Japanese Fusion Dish

  • Marherita base + + soy sautéed mushrooms and beans sprout + fresh parsley

Mai Taiko


  • Chicken Katsu Burger
  • Fish Burger
  • Kara-age (JFC) chicken
  • Wakame salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Edamame

Rolling East


  • Saigon Spring Rolls: Deep fried thin pastry, generously filled with your choice of lean pork or lean chicken
  • Summer Rolls: Delicious fresh rice paper rolls filled with fresh herbs, prawns and pork
  • Frites: Seasoned with your choice of *Lemongrass & Garlic *Shallots & Garlic * Plain

Japanese Fusion Dish

  • Bánh Mì: Light crispy guilt free baguettes filled with pâté, homemade pickled carrots & daikon, coriander and your choice of meat fillings

The Jerk Joint


  • Jerk Chicken meal with rice, peas, and salad
  • Curry goat meal with rice, peas, and salad
  • Saltfish fritters
  • Plantain
  • Sweet potato Fries
  • Patties

Japanese Fusion Dish

  • Japanese Inspired Salad



  • Vanilla Fro-Yo
  • Mango, Rainbow Candy, Chocolate & Orange, Cookies & Cream, Daisy’s Special and Peanot Butter (soy) Ice cream
  • Toppings: Cream choco cookie, jammy wheels, marshmallows, gummy bears, coconut flakes, popcorn
  • Sauces: Chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, raspberry coulis

Japanese Fusion Dish

  • Matcha Fro-Yo


*Food truck lineup is subject to change

Join us for fun (and food!) in the sun!