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VANIRU, pioneers of gothic electro rock-pop!


How to introduce a band like VANIRU? Shall we start by talking about their cool and edgy gothic
vibe? Lead singer Leoneil’s mesmerising voice? Or, more importantly, his gorgeous flowing mane of hair? We’re at a loss, so let’s just start with the facts.


VANIRU was formed just two years ago in 2013 by front man Leoneil, and guitarist Yuto. Since then, the duo has racked up an impressive record of overseas performances (in France, Malaysia, Germany and the UK to name a few) as well as over 70,000 fans on their official Facebook page. Their band name comes from ‘Vanir’ – a group of Norse mythological gods associated with fertility, nature and magic. As befits such a name, the themes of gods versus demons, cosmic chaos and other grandiose musings reverberate throughout their music, making for some high-impact listening.


It’s tricky to pin down a particular genre for VANIRU’s music, but it lies somewhere in the region of gothic rock mixed with industrial electro pop, with a dash of punk thrown in for good measure! Needless to say, it’s a completely unique sound not at all represented in mainstream music. Their visual style is also a mix of several different eras and genres, including elements of 80s fashion, New Romantic and Visual Kei. An eclectic pair indeed!


If you need to get your fix of gothic genius even before our HYPER JAPAN Festival, have a listen to some of their most successful tunes, including “High Fantasy”, “L’Abime”, “Cosmic Night” and “Zakuro”, which are now available to download on the iTunes store.


Still not swayed by VANIRU’s dark charms? Feast your eyes on Leoneil’s gravity-defying locks (and, you know, appreciate the music) in “Cosmic Night” below!