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WASOUKAN: The Art of the Kimono

WasoukanThe kimono is so much more than an elegant silk outfit; it is the embodiment of the Japanese spirit, the “和” (wa) and is an art form in its own right. Symbolising concepts long revered in Japanese culture, such as harmony and elegance, the kimono is the ultimate expression of everything Japanese. This summer, taking to the stage to share his interpretation of the Japanese spirit of “wa” as seen through the kimono is Mr. Noriyuki Ikeda, CEO of WASOUKAN.

Through a series of talks on the HYPER Theatre stage, Mr. Ikeda will be taking visitors on a whimsical retelling of kimono’s evolution as a national dress, as well as the growing global appreciation of Japanese traditional clothing. Also joining Mr. Ikeda on stage will be Ms. Chiaki Tanaka, manager of WASOUKAN LONDON. Ms. Tanaka will be demonstrating what is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the kimono-wearing process, the tying of the obi. This spellbinding story of the elegant kimono throughout the centuries will leave you vowing to visit Japan and pick up your own kimono!

Noriyuki IkedaNoriyuki Ikeda, WASOUKAN
Entering the traditional kimono world at the age of 33, Noriyuki Ikeda spent 10 years learning everything about kimonos, before stepping out on his own in 2005. In 2015, Mr. Ikeda opened his first overseas branch (and the industry’s first as well), WASOUKAN LONDON, a traditional kimono shop and tea cafe.