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Wheelcake Island – Scrumptious Imagawayaki

There’s nothing like a warm sweets on a cold day!

Wheelcake Island makes Imagawayaki. Warm Japanese pastries with a filling such as custard or anko bean (sweet black bean paste). It’s like taiyaki (if you’ve tried that) but these are bigger! A bite reveals the sweet combination of the filling and pancake shell.

It’s a confection that is difficult to come by in England, and even harder to find as mouth-wateringly good as Wheelcake Island can make them!

It’s worth getting in line first for these treats!


Wheelcake Island have been trading for a year. Currently at Brick Lane Backyard Market, KERB and opening new stall soon at Camden Market and Maltby Street Market! Providing a product in high demand in street markets across London.