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Pride: Pro Wrestling Goes HYPER!

Pro Wrestling PrideIt’s time for some high-flying, hard-hitting, strong-style pro wrestling!

We are very proud to announce that the men and women of Pro Wrestling Pride will be coming to HYPER JAPAN this summer in what will be a chest-thumping, mud-slinging, but completely family-friendly wrestling show. If you’re familiar with the strong style wrestling school, pioneered by Japanese wrestling legend Antonio Inoki, then this is a must-see! This is as close to Japanese wrestling as you’ll get here in the UK!

The J-Culture stage will transform into an official wrestling ring for the full Friday session! Be warned, however! This will be full-on, professional-grade wrestling in a competitive tournament-style lineup, featuring singles rounds, tag-team and competition bouts! The latest techniques of the Japanese wrestling world will be on display as wrestlers, fresh from training trips to Japan, show off move after move!

Official merchandise including T-shirts and DVDs will be available for purchase so don’t this either. Oh, and lest we forget: genuine luchador masks imported from Mexico! Bring your pens and get your mobiles ready for autographs and selfies!

Pro Wrestling Pride is a leader in British Wrestling bringing high-flying hard hitting, family friendly pro wrestling,with high quality production. Based in Devon, England, the group’s shows feature the biggest international stars, the most compelling rivalries & the craziest matches you will see anywhere in the UK. Associated with wrestle-1 in Japan, Pro Wrestling Pride members both train with wrestle-1 and have hosted stars such as Koji Kanemoto, Ultimo Dragon, Kotaro Suzuki, and Dick Togo here in the UK.