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xiè: Coolest Mixture of Japanese Poetry and Electronic Music

Japanese traditional poetry chanting meets electric music!

Shigin (詩吟) is a form art in Japan.
Although not very well known, the history of Shigin can be traced back more than 100 years.
Its unique rhythm and tones maximises the beauty of the Japanese language.

xiè has fused this beautiful Japanese tradition with modern computerised sound!
Enjoy this coolest new art form at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017!


xiè is a unit comprising the poetry reciter and dancer, Keisei, and the sound designer, Hagi.
Keisei’s superb recitation techniques and expressive ability are made one with sound
through Hagi’s meticulous programming, creating a vast and highly detailed soundscape.

Poetry recitation is a traditional Japanese art, known as shigin. Shigin is usually
performed accompanied only by the koto (zither) and shakuhachi (bamboo flute).
xiè’s fusing the voice with computer programming-generated ethnic and ambient sounds
is therefore a first, giving rise to a new style of the art.

Also, while shigin is based mainly on Chinese poems (kanshi), and Japanese poems
(waka and haiku), which are intoned according to Japan’s native musical scale,
with Keisei’s ideas xiè expresses a poetic world unbound by conventions.

25th(Sat) Nov 10:00 / 19:15

26th(Sun) Nov 11:30

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