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Yuna Yabe, Beckii and Domobics with MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON!


ASOBISYSTEM’s MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON project will be taking to our HYPER Live stage on Sunday 17th, on their mission to spread Japanese pop culture around the world. There’ll be a live talk session by popular Harajuku model Yuna Yabe, known for her appearances in Zipper magazine and elsewhere, so you can get to know a real Harajuku fashion icon in person! Plus, they’ll be collaborating with NHK World to bring singer Beckii from Kawaii.i as well as 10 other Kawaii enthusiasts in order to demonstrate Domobics and give a lesson afterwards, where each model will be participating in an ensemble of their own choosing! Inject even more Kawaii cool into your HYPER JAPAN Festival weekend and check them out on Sunday!