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Yuru-Kyara mascot madness at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market with CharaZOO


Do you know there are thousands of local mascots in Japan? Those are known as “Yuru-Kyara”, “loose characters” in Japanese. Each one of them represents and promotes their respective towns and prefectures.

The most famous one is Kumamoto prefecture’s KUMAMON, and he is now making public relations trips all over Japan and the world. Following this unique mascot trend in the Japanese creative culture, new mascots emerge every year.

We will bring these mascot characters and introduce them to you at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market! Our Exhibitors CharaZOO will have a huge variety of these characters to welcome you and have lots of fun promoting their local towns. They have around 40 mascots at our shop, such as KUMAMON, GUNMA-CHAN and SANOMARU. They also have a wide range of items and goods available of these characters, from stuffed dolls to stationary and accessories.

All of those products are imported from Japanese official suppliers and the quality is guaranteed. They’d be wonderful, unique gifts at Christmas time to give surprises and lots of fun to your friends and family.

They look forward to seeing you all at their stall!