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We are the Champions! of Japanese music 2020


Iken-no!? UK!? winners announced

A few short months ago we announced that the winners of the Iken-no!? UK!? competition would be appearing at the HYPER JAPAN Festival. Well, fortunately the competition has still gone ahead and we can present you with the winners who will hopefully be gracing the stage at a future HYPER JAPAN.

The competition was divided into two categories the band category (judged by Tom Smith of JPU Records) and the DJ/Trackmaker category (judged by producer/DJ Teddyloid). So without further ado let’s get to the winners!

First up – the bands!

Runner up – DIMLIM

Runners up DIMLIM https://www.tunecore.co.jp/artist/DIMLIM blast out melodic rock with soaring vocals, fiddly guitar riffs and a blasting rhythm section. Check out their YouTube for their epic music videos.

First Place – Tielle

First place went to Teille https://www.tunecore.co.jp/artist/Tielle who mix a heartfelt vocal with luscious 90s R&B /dance melodies. Be prepared for ballads and have a box of tissues ready.

The DJ/Trackmaker category was just as hard fought.

Runner up – iamSHUM

Runner up iamSHUM https://www.tunecore.co.jp/artist/iamshum is a popular streamer and often remixes and covers songs on his channel. He specialises in big beat anthemic dance tracks, as you might expect from an artist whose tribute to Avicii has over 2m plays on YouTube.

First Place – SO-SO

SO-SO https://www.tunecore.co.jp/artist/SO-SO brings a totally 2020 take to the top spot! Stuttering beats and blips hop around on top of catchy bass loops. SO-SO started off as a beatboxer before he turned his hand to production and it shows!

Congratulations to the lucky winners! We hope to see you in the UK very soon!

If you want full details of all runners up or just to check out some awesome Japanese music please see the website.

The Iken-no!? UK!? Competition is supported by PayNOAH and is run in collaboration with digital streaming service TuneCore Japan!

Official Site:


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