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Geisha & Maiko Tea House Tour : HYPER Live! from Kyoto


Date:Sunday 01 August 2021
Time:10:00 - 11:30
Fee: £35
Book Before 17:00 Saturday 31 July 2021

Geisha and Maiko are highly skilled entertainers with Japanese traditional arts. Having a privilege of being entertained by them accompanied by their sophisticated conversation at a members’ only tea house is something you can only dream of, even for Japanese people.

In Kyoto, Geisha are called Geiko 芸妓 and anyone finished their trainings & under 20yrs of age are called and Maiko 舞妓.

HYPER JAPAN is excited to announce this special event “Geisha and Maiko Tea House Tour live from Kyoto” for you to experience & enjoy their skilled Japanese dance and music and some party games played at tea houses (Ocha-ya:お茶屋) in Ponto-cho 先斗町district in Kyoto 京都. They will also explain about their costumes, hairstyles, lifestyles & trainings they went through and more. There will be an opportunity for you to submit questions to be answered live.

Type:                           Live streaming from Kyoto, Japan
Date:                           1st  August 2021
Time:                          10:00am -11:30pm
Ticket Price:              £35 to enjoy together with your friends & family from 1 device
Organiser in Kyoto:   luxury tours japan (click for their website)
Platform:                    Zoom/Webinar (hosted by HYPER JAPAN)
Precautions:               Suitable for any age. Family members or/and friends to watch together.

Ticket sales will close at 5pm on 31st July 2021, Saturday.

The event is organised as follows;

Part 1:   Tour of Kyoto around the Kamo-river (appro. 40 minutes)
Kyoto, surrounded by mountains, is famous for hot summer.  Locals enjoy early evening walks along the Kamo river(Kamo-gawa:鴨川) to feel a refreshing breeze.  Restaurants facing the Kamo river offer the summer tradition of 「納涼床」(Noh-Ryo-yuka: a restaurant balcony overlooking a river). Fancy joining them? Let’s take a stroll with a professional Kyoto guide to see and enjoy the beauty of Kyoto in one hot summer night.

Part 2:   Meet and have fun with Geisha & Maiko at a Tea House in Ponto-cho, Kyoto  (appro. 40 minutes)
Meet Geisha and Maiko at a strictly members only established tea house (Ocha-ya:お茶屋) in Ponto-cho district – one of five geisha districts – in Kyoto.  Enjoy Maiko’s dance with music and see how they play traditional Kyoto tea house party games. They will also talk about their costumes, hairstyles, disciplined lifestyles & trainings they all went through and more.

You can submit questions via chat to be answered live during the event.

Note: Recording is Strictly Prohibited for this event which will NOT be archived.

“Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the state of emergency in Japan, scheduled events are subject to change at short notice.”

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