Online Zazen Meditation


Wed 23 Jun 2021 12:00 - 13:00

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Fee: £15 | Platform: ZOOM

Online Zazen Meditation with Koujun Shimoyama

In this program, we offer the meditation of Zen Buddhism from Japan via ZOOM.

There will be a tutorial video with English subtitle prior to the event and beginners are very much welcome.

We also take you to the virtual tour of the Zen Buddhist temple called Daichuji by the foot of Mt. Fuji where the meditation will be steamed from to get you in the mood.

Date: 23rd June 2021, Wed
Time: 12:00-13:00 (BST)
Instructor: Kojun Shimoyama
Online tool: ZOOM (link will be sent to you after your purchase**)
Ticket Price: £15 – Single person ticket
Ticket sales will close at 5pm on 22th June 2021, Tuesday.

Workshop Plan (60min)

1. Virtual Tour of Daichuji – 10min
2. Introduction of Zazen Meditation – 10min
3. 1st Zazen Meditation – 15min
4. Break – 5min
5. 2nd Zazen Meditation – 15min
6. Q&A – 5min

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Kojun Shimoyama


Zen Priest / Zazen Meditation Instructor

Kojun Shimoyama / 下山光順

Vice priest of Daichuji Temple.

After studying abroad in England from high school to university, he returned to Japan and trained at a Zen Buddhist monastery in Shizuoka. Then he became a vice priest of Daichuji Temple. He has also been a Theravada Buddhism priest at a temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

He is also a Zazen meditation instructor from Flyingmonk, which devices to fuse long-established Zen meditation with mindfulness and promote calmness to improve mental and physical health.

Daichuji / 大中寺

Daichuji is a Zen Buddhist temple located by the foot of Mt. Fuji at Numazu city in Shizuoka, Japan. The temple was founded by Muso Soseki in 1313. However, there was a Shingon Buddhist temple before then, thus an image of the Buddhist deity Fudo Myoo is enshrined as the principle object of worship.

Daichuji maintained a relationship with the Imperial Villa in Numazu, welcoming visits by the Imperial Family. Onkoden hall was built as a resting room partly in the style of Art Nouveau in 1909. Onkoden is one of the few remaining Meiji period wooden buildings in Numazu.

Locally harvested taro potato was offered to the Imperial Family at the times of the visits. It grows as big as a head of a baby and later named after the temple, “Daichuji potato” meaning the potato from Daichuji by the Imperial Family.

Flying Monk / フライングモンク

Flying Monk devises to fuse long-established Zen meditation with mindfulness and promote calmness to improve mental and physical health. We conduct scientifically backed methods of Zen in the office, online and in temples to suit all the needs. Experience authentic Zen meditation as if you are in a Zen temple at any time, anywhere.

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