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HYPER JAPAN Online Events

“What Oriental Medicine is really about?” by Toby Stephens


Date:Saturday 06 March 2021
Time:10:30 - 11:30
Fee: £18
Book Before 17:00 Friday 05 March 2021

This talk/lecture style session will include practical skills you can learn from Toby.

Toby will introduce the foundations and development of oriental medicine (acupuncture/ moxibustion/ herbal medicine/ shiatsu/ movement).

We will explore bridging the gap in understanding ancient eastern health practices in our modern language and perspective.

You will also be invited to participate in some practical skills we can all use to improve our health and wellbeing.

Join Toby and find out how oriental medicine can help to improve your health in this modern life style.

Date:   6th March 2021, Saturday
Time:  10:30 – 11:30 (1 hour)
Instructor’s profile:  Toby Stephens (click name to open instructor’s page) 
Online tool:  ZOOM ( link will be sent to you after your purchase**)

Ticket Price:  £18 – Single person ticket 
Ticket sales will close at 5pm on 5th March 2021, Friday.

Precautions: Over 18 years old, suitable for beginners.

Please read the Terms carefully and make sure that you understand them before you submit your form.

**If you don’t receive any information one day before the class, please send an email here: contact@hyperjapan.co.uk

Equipment needed for the lecture

Please prepare this equipment by yourself before the workshop starts. 

  1. Buy Smokeless Moxa sticks. They are available from online retailers by searching ” smokeless moxa stick”.  Here is an example from one major online retailer.
  2. You will need a lighter (and an ash tray or a tray). 
  3. Be Happy. 


Toby Stephens: Genki Clinic


Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine lecturer

Genki Clinic (Traditional Japanese Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Shiatsu)

Toby began his career as an international lawyer based in Tokyo. However, it wasn’t long before a martial arts injury led him to the acupuncture clinic of Edward Obaidey. He was helped to recovery, but infected with a far more serious and life-long affliction: oriental medicine. While he continued to visit the clinic as a patient and, increasingly, to attend study groups and practice sessions, he also began to study shiatsu under Kimura Susumu Sensei.

Bit by bit he realised he was spending more time peering into the depths of oriental medicine than exploring legal principles. He returned to London to study for an internationally-recognized university degree in oriental medicine.

He then returned to Tokyo to complete a further 6 intensive years in traditional Japanese apprenticeship under the compassionate guidance of his teacher, Edward Sensei and his teacher, Ikeda Masakazu Sensei. This experience initiated a shift in his understanding from theoretical study to effective practical application. The principles of oriental medicine came to life.

Throughout his studies he has been learning Tai Chi Chuan, I Chuan and Chi Gung under the guidance of Sam Tam Sifu. Daily practice of these arts deepens his understanding and experience of Ki (vital energy), and informs his practice of Acupuncture.

Toby says “I am dedicated to treating my patients to the best of my capability – and to deepening that capability and understanding through ongoing study and practice.” Genki Clinic is based in Wimbledon, London.

  • BSc. Health Sciences (Acupuncture)
  • 6 years Traditional Clinical Apprenticeship in Japan
  • British Acupuncture Council Member
  • Certified Shiatsu Practitioner
  • Fully Licensed & Insured

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