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What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

HYPER JAPAN and AMAMICHAN are going to host a special class to make delicious RHUBARB & CUSTARD with award winning pâtissier Suzue Aoyama from Sozai Cooking School.
We will be sending free AMAMICHAN to all the participants who join the cooking class.
Space is limited, so sign up soon!

At HYPER JAPAN we’ll be introducing “Amamichan”, a brand new dietary fibre that can be used in place of sugar. Since Amamichan is made using Monk Fruit it keeps its sweetness, helping you to avoid sugar and calories while getting dietary fibre.
There’s may be lots of other zero calorie sweeteners out there, but no other sweetener can replace sugar while properly providing dietary fibre and still tasting delicious.

Because Amamichan retains not just the sweetness of sugar, but also its’ water retention and caramelisation, you can easily make low sugar versions of recipes and sweets just by using the same amount of Amamichan instead.
In our upcoming session we’ll be using Amamichan to make RHUBARB & CUSTARD.

The instructor who will be running this workshop is Aoyama Sensei of Sozai Cooking School! Are you ready to make some delicious summer desserts together using Amamichan?
We’re really excited to introduce you to Amamichan, ready to reduce calories and sugar, and help provide those dietary fibers we tend to miss out on.

Show at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021


About the product
Amamichan was created to support people such as diabetics who have trouble digesting sugar, as well as people on diets who want to reduce their intake sugar.
Enjoy desserts and meals with all the deliciousness of sugar, all while cutting calories, avoiding sugar and boosting your dietary fiber.
This HYPER JAPAN take the opportunity to assess your eating habits, and see how the naturally derived Amamichan can help cut sugar and maintain your health!

Indigestible dextrin (USA), Erythritol/Sweetener(Monkfruit Extract)
[Derivative raw ingredients]
Indigestible dextrin/Erythritol: corn
Sweetener (Monkfruit Extract): Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit)
[Allergy Information] Not applicable
[Nutritional information (per 100g)]
Energy: 72kcal, protein: 0g, fat: 0g, carbohydrates: 97.1g (sugar 1.4g, dietary fiber 63.4g) salt equivalent: 0g

About Suzue Aoyama
Born and brought up in Osaka, Japan, her family runs a traditional udon noodle restaurant where they also sell wagashi. Suzue was brought up surrounded by many food inspirations. While Suzue helped wagashi making at home, she used to wonder how the patisseries were made next door which led her to discover the world of patisserie.

Suzue studied at the Le Cordon Bleu in London and Paris and obtained both Patisserie and Culinary diplomas. During her training days, she gained various experiences from the world's leading hotels. Eventually, Suzue was promoted to be in charge of the renowned afternoon tea pastries at The Savoy London. She also achieved several awards including the Gold award for Tea Pastries and the Gold medal at the Culinary Olympics.

Suzue co-founded and built the premium brand 'William Curley' which won several chocolate awards and joined the world's leading association, Relais Desserts. During this time she also mentored young pastry chefs who now work successfully as pastry chefs around the world.

Suzue's philosophy is to 'Spread the Joy of Patisseries' and she would love to teach and share her skills with you.

Workshop Details
- AMAMICHAN presents Light & Healthy Summer Desserts Workshop with Suzue Aoyama
- Date: 1st August Sunday, UK 1pm start
- Tool: Zoom
- Instructor: Suzue Aoyama
- For free booking, please sign up from HERE
*Participants will receive packs of AMAMICHAN by post.