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What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Vote now for your favourite Japanese Anime Spots!

Every year the Anime Tourism Association selects and announces a list of “Japanese Anime 88-Spots” that people would like to visit. These locations are voted on by anime fans from around the world. Although voting didn’t take place in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year voting on anime spots started Monday 21 June.

Please vote for your favourite real-life places that have been used as settings for anime. They can either be places you have visited in the past or places you’d like to visit when it is allowed. Votes by anime fans from around the world will be used as important reference when the Anime Tourism Association selects the 2022 list of “Japanese Anime 88-Spots” people would like to visit. The association plans to announce the list in winter 2021.

We can help you visit the “Japanese Anime 88-Spots”!
Fourteen online voters will be picked in a lottery and receive a cash subsidy (see below) to help them visit “Japanese Anime 88-Spots”. The first and second prize winners will be asked to write a report on their visit and help promote the “Japanese Anime 88-Spots” tour.

1st prize (1 winner)
30,000 yen in electronic money and supplementary prizes

2nd prize (3 winner)
10,000 yen in electronic money and supplementary prizes

3rd prize (10 winners)
50 US dollars’ worth of Tokyo Otaku Mode gift points, or a 50 US dollar Gift Card

[Please note]
- Winners will be contacted via the email address they entered in the questionnaire.
- For first and second prize winners, a condition of receiving their prize is that they provide the Anime Tourism Association with photos and a written report from their journey to “Japanese Anime 88-Spots”. Those photos and text may be featured on the association’s website and in its publications.
- The 1st and 2nd prizes will be sent to you using PayPal.

Japanese Anime Spot Vote


We, the Anime Tourism Association, a general incorporated association under Japanese law, were incorporated in September 2016, in response to the increasing desire to visit anime spots which provided the scenes, environment, situations, etc. of anime works, and in order to promote anime works as “Cool Japan” content all over the world.

With the 2018 Edition, we started to select the “Japanese Anime 88-Spots.” We officially publish the chosen spots to spread information widely about Japanese anime. We have been installing certified plaques and memorial stamps at these spots. In addition, we are promoting creation of items, services, and events that officially feature anime characters and their worlds, which can bring together relevant localities, businesses, content owners, and anime lovers. This way, we are striving to help Japan attract tourists from the world and help the relevant municipalities develop themselves.