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BOOK☆WALKER is an online bookstore and app for reading digital Manga and Light Novels worldwide.

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Hololive Indonesia's very own Airani Iofifteen reads "I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! Volume 1"! A Light Novel Live Reading in collaboration with BOOK☆WALKER!

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I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! Volume 1
©2015 Kanata Satsuki Illustrations ©2015 Mitsuya Fuji

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BOOK☆WALKER is a subsidiary of KADOKAWA Corporation and is one of Japan's most popular reading platforms for digital light novels and manga. There are over 20,000 English light novels and manga being offered from publishers like Yen Press, Kodansha Comics, Seven Seas Entertainment, J-Novel Club and more!
・BOOK☆WALKER has a selection of exclusive light novel and manga eBooks, as well as short stories provided only to BOOK☆WALKER users.
・Exclusive Titles: "Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher?!", "TenPuru -No One Can Live on Loneliness-", "The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!"
・Every time you buy an eBook you also earn coins that can be used in your next purchases. New users will get 50% Coin Back on their initial purchase with no limit to the purchase amount! A surefire way to kickstart your collection!
・BOOK☆WALKER not only offers users unique purchase bonus items, such as illustrations, but also holds regular giveaway promotions on social media with exclusive prizes, such as author signatures, BOOK☆WALKER coin and more!
・Read chapters of selected titles (almost) at the same time as they come out in Japan (simulpub)! BOOK☆WALKER provides their users with a selection of simultaneous chapter releases for popular titles with weekly and monthly updates.
・The app has been recently renewed, boosting shelf customization and collection management options (display up to 1,000 titles per shelf!).