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What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Powerful pop icon from Japan lined up for a special appearance at HYPER Show! is EXiNA of Saitama Prefecture. The singer and lyricist will be joining us on July 10th, bringing her unique brand of energy and passion to the online stage.

Show at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Sat 10 Jul


EXiNA is the solo project of Shiena Nishizawa.
She made her major debut in 2015, when she was just a third-year high school student.
Despite cutting a petite, 148cm figure, She has an aggressive stage presence.
Having further polished this presence, along with her powerful voice, she's making a new challenge to the scene.
The name EXiNA is an anagram for "Shiena", Xi (pronounced "shi"), E, NA, and represents Shiena remaking herself.