Category: Kawaii & Fashion

Show at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Sat 17 Jul


~Furifu’s kimonos can magically transform anyone! ~

We would like to introduce a simple and easy way to start wearing Kimono with our original textiles for all women who care about their individuality.

Furifu is a Kimono brand which is specializing in creating Kimonos with unique and original textiles.
We love mixing the world of the new and the old.
We use Japanese traditional old designs and themed motifs, while still adopting modern color combinations and adding a sense of playfulness.

Besides Kimonos we also have normal clothes and accessories inspired by Japan, so we have lots of other amazing products for everyone to try out – especially for people who love Japanese designs but think that a Kimono is too much of a challenge.

We are a brand who wish to spread the feeling and joy of wearing Kimonos and Japanese style clothes and accessories more simply and to as many people as possible.

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