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Sat 17 Jul


Have you ever thought about living in Japan and learning Japanese? The initial steps can be intimidating - how do I get a visa? How will I find accommodation? Which language school should I pick?

Go! Go! Nihon has helped more than 8.000 Japan-enthusiasts from all over the world navigate all of those questions so they can live & study in Japan.

Our service helps you find and apply for the language school that perfectly fits your goals and needs, get your visa, book accommodation, and even assist you after your arrival with things like wifi, sim cards, part-time jobs, and more! We are conveniently situated in Tokyo and in direct contact with Japan's best language schools, accommodation agencies, and the immigration bureau so we can offer the best support and most up-to-date information at all times.

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Join us on July 17th, 2021! We are hosting a webinar explaining everything you need to know, from how long the process takes, to what types of schools and accommodation are available, and much more! You will also have the opportunity to ask us questions in this live session so come prepared!

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