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On July 17th, six unique J-Fashion brands get together to show off their new collection only here at HYPER JAPAN!
It will take place on our official YouTube channel at 10:00am. Stay tuned!

Japanese fashion brands:


Our brand concept is “No Borders”

ACDC RAG started off in the streets of Harajuku in the 1980’s. Our brand concept is “No Borders” as no matter where you’re from, your gender of age, there are no rules on how to wear our clothes. We are aiming to create a world where there are no borders and you can wear any clothes that you love. With Harajuku Takeshita-dori as its base, it shares a unique design and reasonable fashion with the world! In order to achieve a world with “No Borders”, we are working with friends from all over the world to create the next generation of Harajuku fashion!


Sensational Kawaii ! – the concept of 6%DOKIDOKI

6%DOKIDOKI is a shop/brand based in Harajuku, founded in 1995 by Sebastian Masuda as a place of creation.
The brand concept ‘Sensational Kawaii’ means ‘shockingly Kawaii’, ‘exceedingly Kawaii’ and ‘too Kawaii’. We sell original items, select items and projects along to this shop concept.

6%DOKIDOKI isn’t only a ‘fashion’ genre, its most important role is to expand culture all over the world. As a leading place/people/brand of Japanese pop culture, the shop is continuing original unique creation throughout events, shows and more.


To the fallen angels who share the same fate
Bringing to mind the deep blue of illuminated water in the darkness
To those who live inside this moment of eternity
Full of the enigmatic purity of children
Discarding the concepts of male and female in this world,
They portray the coexistence of spirits and recall memories of eternity

Now is the time to open your eyes and be reborn
Let go of the boundaries of your self
This process begins with Moi-même-Moitié

Far removed from the clamor and milling crowds of the outside world
There is another dimension carving out eternity
If you open the door,
you should be able to meet with another self…

To be beautiful. To be noble.
The brand that fulfills these universal desires
Is Moi-même-Moitié

Thoroughly bringing together the enigmatic image sent forth by the cross
And the fragrance of roses, reminiscent of ethereal beauty,
Never swayed by what is currently en vogue
Pursuing an entirely ancient Gothic image
Sealing into fashion an elegant, inscrutable, bewitching radiance
As if emerged from a medieval European castle
Developing a magnificent Total Fashion Project
With not only apparel but also bags and accessories,
Moi-même-Moitié colors the world of the 21st century gracefully dark

Woods shrouded in the mist
An ancient castle floating in the darkness
The melody of the harpsichord
Shadows swaying in candlelight
And the fragrance of roses…

Won’t you try draping yourself in this philosophy?

To all intellectual and noble seekers of beauty, I dedicate this to you…



Art saves the children.
Art saves the world.
The artists in VUÅSA recreate unnecessary things into art.
We believe art has power to make people safe and feel satisfied and those people make more people happy.
Art is what we really need.

We realize the world where peace and conflict coexist through art.
What we wear is art, not fashion.


Fashion, furniture, everything which is no longer of use is connected and reproduced by “MADE IN JAPAN” quality. You can experience the hybrid of modern grafiti painting and Japanese traditional painting thorough our products. As a proof of VUÅSA quality, every product has a serial number and the date of rebirth.



There is a front and back to everything, the front is bright – the back lives in its dark shadow.
We believe in the dark, even in in a society that does everything for the light.

We strive for freedom of expression against popular culture through design and through our ‘belief in the darkness’.

Born from the solidarity of the streets, we are here to destroy everything that came before and tear up all the rulebooks.

Our brand is about creating revolutionary, well constructed, positive style.

The front side faces the light.
The back side faces the darkness.

A product of human ingenuity.

ふりふ Furifu


There is a magic that changes quickly
“Original textile” for women
who value individuality,
We propose a chance to start a kimono.

Host and guests of HYPER J-Fashion! ONLINE are Addy Harajuku, Kate from Grumpy Bunny and Rin Rin from Tokyo!


There are some comments from the designers on that day too!


Special thanks to TOFU CUTE/Dreamy Bows for their kind sponsorship of our HYPER Fashion! ONLINE Style Showcase!

Check out their Online Virtual Booth Here!



Date: 10:00am 17th July, 2021

Platform: YouTube

Flow of the day:

  • Video from each brand
  • Comment from the designers
  • Style Showcase