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What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Japone Artists will present two brand-new music videos, especially for HYPER JAPAN ONLINE, making it a worldwide exclusive premiere.

TORYANSE: This traditional Japanese children's song depicts a mother worshipping with her child at a shrine. But it has a terrifying and sad story behind the song. Japone Artists created an extraordinary music video based on this song!

FURUSATO (The Earth): Japone Artists dedicated this music video to Mother Earth with their prayer for love and peace for the Earth, nature, and people.

Join Japone Artists in the chat during the two music videos' premieres on Saturday 31 July and Saturday 7 August, 2021 on the YouTube channel of HYPER JAPAN!

Show at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021


Theatrical group Japone Artists consists of Japanese artists, based in The Netherlands, Germany and Japan, who perform a mixture of traditional and contemporary arts on the international stage. The theatrical shows that Japone Artists present contain many elements of beauty, drama, humour, projection art and original or remixed stories. Since starting activities in 2016, the theatrical group has been performing at several events with a focus on Japanese culture based in The Netherlands, now it is the first time that they will attend an event outside their home base.

Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, Japone Artists decided to reach their fans via digital platforms. They have been working on new music, theatrical storylines and even started a video podcast, entitled ‘Japone Artists Talk’. In May 2021, bass player and composer Yusuke Morita joined as the newest member of Japone Artists. He has been working also for Anime productions Hirune-Hime (Napping Princess), Carol & Tuesday. Currently, together with him, Japone Artists are fervently creating original music and videos.

The latest works of Japone Artists include two music projects, “Toryanse” and ”Furusato”. Upon culmination of these projects, the completed works will be debuted during HYPER JAPAN ONLINE.

Since 2020 Francisca Hagen, AVO Magazine's Editor-in-Chief is the manager of Japone Artists. Now Japone Artists are willing to go on more widely international and our aim is to make an impression on more people with Japanese beauty and spirits by a refined high qualified performance.