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What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Akemi has 2 events planned for this summer. Join Akemi to find out the ancient art of Shodo- Japanese calligraphy and Sumi-e ink painting and its beauty and philosophy.

Event 1:
Type: Free Shodo & Sumi-e demonstration and talk
Date: 17th July 2021, Saturday
Time: 11:00-12:00 BST (1 hour with talk and 2 demonstrations)

Akemi will talk about the following topics;
• The Origin of Chinese characters.
• How calligraphy started in China and calligraphy brushes and papers at that time. The role of the master calligrapher Wang Xizhi (王羲之) from 4th Century.
• How calligraphy was introduced in Japan along with Buddhism. The role of Prince Shotuku (聖徳太子) from 7th Century and a Japanese Buddhist monk & calligrapher Kukai : Koho Daishi (空海:弘法大師) from 8th Century.
• The development of brushes and calligraphy papers in Japan • How Sumi-e ink painting became popular in Japan and the role of Sesshū Tōyō (雪舟) the most prominent Japanese master of ink and washi painting from 15th Century
• Modern state of Japanese calligraphy and Sumi-e ink painting

Akemi will answer some of your questions!
Followed by pre-recorded 2 demonstrations – 1 x Shodo – Japanese calligraphy and 1 x Sumi-e ink painting with Shodo.

Event 2 - Sumi-e Workshop
Type: Sumi-e workshop "Coloured Sunflower with ほほえみ smile"
Date: 7th August 2021, Saturday
Time: 10:00-13:00 (3 hours lesson, short breaks in between)

Ticket Price:
£35 – Single person ticket
£55 – DUO ticket ( 2 person to join with 1 Zoom access )

Show at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021


Akemi Lucas is a Japanese calligraphy master/artist and one of the most popular and demanded instructor at HYPER JAPAN.

Her distinct style of calligraphy builds on traditional skills, and further embodies of fusion of the ancient and the modern, the eastern and the western, and the before and the after.

Currently, she is based in the UK and predominantly working on exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, and commissions. Her artworks were used in the 2019 Rugby World Cup and a multi-media advertising campaign for the main sponsor of the British Olympic team for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Akemi has just launched a new online course at Domestika - don't miss it!
Akemi’s Sumi-e course at Domestika