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What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

I am excited to offer this free introduction to Japanese conversation session at HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021. This session is for anyone who is new to Japanese language or would like to pick up a few phrases or for someone who would like to refresh their Japanese skills. In this session, I will introduce you to the following in a way Japanese native speakers would speak;

1. Introduce yourself
2. Ask others about themselves – their names & occupations, where they are from etc.
3. Talk about your hobbies.

In this session, you will learn many phrases that you might have heard in Japanese anime, drama or movies! You don’t need to have any experience to join in, and if you’d rather just watch how Japanese is spoken, that’s just fine too.

TYPE: Free introduction to Japanese conversation session
Date: 31st July 2021, Saturday
Time: 17:00-17:45 (BST)

Suitable for: Beginners and anyone who would like to refresh or brush up your conversational Japanese. No previous experience is required.

Please book your space before 5pm on 30th July 2021, Friday.

For those who are keen to understand the Japanese language better, let me share the text book I will be using for this session – ASK - NIHONGO FUN & EASY -SURVIVAL JAPANESE CONVERSATION FOR BEGINNERS- This excellent text book ( details and the link on the below photo) is perfect for learning casual, practical yet polite enough Japanese language that Japanese native speakers would use in their day-to-day conversations. This book also includes many practical information about Japan which helps to understand the language – a must have book for all Japanese learners!

DISCOUT CODE for the text book at JP BOOKS.
You can purchase this excellent text book from JP BOOKS– with 15% OFF discount code : HJ2021FANDE which can be used the JP BOOKS site wide until 31st August. So please do take advantage of this offer! Please read T&C before your purchase.

NOTE: I will be offering a beginners Japanese conversation course at HYPER JAPAN in Autumn using this text book.

Show at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021


Mikiko was born and grew up in the old town of Inuyama, located north in the Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Inuyama is a city famous for its beautiful castle and the Kiso River.

On contrary to her upbringing in Japan, over the last 20yrs Mikiko has lived in various locations across the globe – the USA, Hong Kong and the UK with her husband and 2 children.

Living overseas has inspired her to share her Japanese heritage, particularly the Japanese language. She currently lives in the UK and is teaching Japanese at the Japanese school in London and privately to students who aim for GCSE or Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

In her friendly and creative lessons, Mikiko focuses mainly on what students wish to learn and what they need to master practical Japanese skills. Her aim is that you feel like you are in Japan during any HYPER JAPAN online Japanese lessons.

Mikiko enjoys Shodo-Japanese Calligraphy, reading, travelling, golf and cooking. She would like to share her favourite book “Leach sensei ( Dear Mr Leach)” by Japanese author Machi Harada with any HYPER JAPAN fan – a story of young English potter Bernard Leach and his beautiful friendship with his Japanese friends during his stay in Japan to study Japanese art. She would like to assist you in reading this book in Japanese.