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What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Exclusive live footage by solo musician and voice actor Miura Ayme, will be streamable from 15:00(BST) on the 10th of July! There may even be a special message from brothers…?

Additionally, after the live stream 30 lucky fans will have the chance to speak with MiuraAyme directly via ZOOM! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to ask any questions, and send MiuraAyme your love in person!

Show at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Sat 10 Jul


Miura Ayme is the Japanese Visual kei artist and voice actor.
He started his new solo project from 2018 in Tokyo and he throws himself into a foreign project from 2017.

Recently, he has been appointed as a voice actor for Asmodeus from Obey Me! which is the No1 Otome game in US (‘Shall we date’Series), and took part in in 2019 .At this event he cosplayed as the Asmodeus and talked with a lot of fans of this Otome game.
The main theme song "Sinful Indulgence" is composed and sung by him.

He used to be a vocalist of Ecthelion which was Japanese V-kei rock band. He performed more than 200 stages and released 4single, 2albums and 1 live DVD. After dismissing the band, he took part in several global events as a Japanese solo artist.

In 2017,He performed at<HYPER JAPAN Festival>in London and <JAPANicon> in Poland.
In2018, he was invited from 〈Japan Expo in Paris>and 〈Crazy Friday〉in Taiwan. At the , he performed in front of over 30,000 audience. When he released his first Music video "Coup d'etat Love", his friends MiA (ex.MEJIBRAY) performed on his Music video as a guest.
In 2019, he performed at in London and he has organised event in Taiwan.
In 2021, he released 1st album “LOVELESS”.

Business : info@miura-ayme.com.