Sakura City Samurai RPG “Tenrin Cherry Blossoms”

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An RPG set in Sakura Domain during the Edo period. Many monsters suddenly appear in the peaceful Sakura Domain. The young samurai, the main character, takes the clan‘s order and embarks on the eradication of monsters with his friends, but they became entangled in a terrifying conspiracy involving the entire Sakura Domain.
Responsibility, faith, loyalty, love, the battle to protect each belief begins in Sakura.


Sakura City is located in the northern part of Chiba Prefecture, 20 minutes from Narita Airport and 60 minutes from Tokyo. The castle town of Sakura Castle, built in the Edo period, is certified as “Japan Heritage”. In the city, there is the site of Sakura Castle and samurai houses, where you can feel the culture of the samurai and history, as well as the National Museum of Japanese History and the Tsukamoto Sword Museum.