Shibuya Miyashita Park Powered by PARALLEL SITE

Category: Game & Anime, Tourism

The virtual space “Shibuya Miyashita Park Powered by PARALLEL SITE” is a joining of real and virtual worlds and new form of culture in Shibuya! It adds value to the park, creates new communication, and promotes regional revitalization. Users can experience virtual art exhibition, skateboarding or fireworks displays. Bouldering in a virtual space is also possible.



An event and public space for users to freely enjoy together

Two spaces will open: a “Browser Version” that anyone with information devices such as smartphones can access and enjoy from anywhere in the world; and “VRChat”, a social VR platform where users put on head mounted displays or similar to enjoy a more detailed environment. When it opens,  in a “Browser Version”, there will be the exhibition called “YOU’RE THE WORLD commented by Nairu Yamamoto”.

Both the Browser Version and the VRChat allow users to enjoy a day time and night time virtual Miyashita Park while experiencing an art exhibition and buying special products. Users can choose their own avatar, stroll in the virtual park and take part in events. At the same time, they can have voice chats with other users, take photos in the virtual space and use emoji to represent feelings such as “fun!” and “cool!” for deeper interaction.




Bloom Your Flower – A chance to enjoy Japanese flowers and fireworks despite the coronavirus pandemic!


The VRChat Miyashita Park is a place where all year round visitors can enjoy firework displays and wind-blown flurries of cherry blossom petals. They can also have virtual experiences of activities that take place in the real-life park’s facilities and courts, such as skateboarding and bouldering. VRChat users can converse and take photos, so they can gather together in a virtual space to enjoy activities affected by coronanvirus pandemic restrictions, such as hanami cherry blossom viewing and fireworks displays.