Singing Cosplayer Hikari

Category: Performer, Kawaii & Fashion, Cosplay, Game & Anime

What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

She will appear at three events during HYPER JAPAN ONLINE! The first will be on 10th July from 17:00 at "HYPER Show! ONLINE", with her performance recorded just for HYPER JAPAN. On 17th July, she will show up at "HYPER J-Fashion! ONLINE" as a model, and on 18th July from 14:00, she will sing as an opening act for "HYPER Cosplay! ONLINE". Please don't miss any of her shows!

Show at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Sat 10 Jul
Sat 17 Jul
Sun 18 Jul


She is a YouTuber,Singer and Cosplayer,who updates YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in multiple languages to introduce JAPANESE CULTURE to the world. She mainly uploads cover song videos of anime songs and vocaloid songs. Her cover of "Yume To Hazakura(Hatsune Miku)" has been ranked on the Apple Music / iTunes J-POP charts in 24 countries, and #1 in 11 countries including France and Italy.