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What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

We, TeamM2, are a company that provides you with the best information about visiting Japan, where you can experience Japanese traditional culture, climate, food, various nature activities and real Japanese daily life.  
Two years ago, at HYPERJAPAN 2019, we had a booth called “’JAPAN FURUSATO BOX by Teamm2, Inc.’ where we rented out Yukata(kimono for summer) and offered a virtual composite photo service that made it look as if you were taking a photo at a tourist attraction in Japan. It was a great success and many visitors enjoyed it. We also held a fashion show of Yukata and a performance of Japanese traditional dance at the 'Japan culture show'.

In HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021, we go a step further and introduce you to the charm of Japan's regions.

7/9~7/22 Japanese food you should eat when you come to Japan
7/23~8/8 Best nature activities you must try in JP

We will be using this HYPER JAPAN online exhibition as a starting point to communicate more and more about Japan directly to our fans. Please take this opportunity to answer the following survey!
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Japan has a rich diversity of nature, including 4 World Heritage Sites.
Why not spend some time in nature with your family, friends or beloved partner?

Here at JAPAN BOX, we have carefully selected three activities for you to choose

1. Mt.Daisen Downhill Cycling, TOTTORI
2. Uradome Coast Sea Kayak, TOTTORI
3. Hagi yaki pottery, Hagi city YAMAGUCHI

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