Tofu Cute/Dreamy Bows

Category: Kawaii & Fashion, Food & Drink

What we do at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Devon of Tofu Cute's 'Tofu Cute TV' will be joined by Kiri of 'Dreamy Bows' to share their overwhelming passion for 'Kawaii' with you all at home! Through fashion, cute plushies and tasty snacks, both Kiri and Devon will help bring 'Kawaii' into your lives at Hyper Japan Online.

Show at HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

Sat 17 Jul
Wed 28 Jul


Tofu Cute is an online store specialising in kawaii gifts such as AMUSE and YEAST KEN, GACHAPON and stationery. We are famous for our huge variety of tasty Japanese snacks and Maneki Neko Lucky Bags! Our aim is to spread 'Kawaii' around the world and be a safe space for all those who want to embrace cuteness into their lives. We’re based in the UK, but we offer delivery all around the world.
Find us at: @tofucute or at

Dreamy Bows is the sister company of Tofu Cute, run by the same passionate team, specialising in cute Japanese street fashion styles such as fairy kei, decora, creepy cute, gyaru, Harajuku, hime kei, mahou kei and casual kawaii.
Dreamy Bows is an official stockist for fantastic Japanese brands such as LISTEN FLAVOR, ACDC RAG and 6%DOKIDOKI but also carries a wider range of other items from different brands too!
Our aim is to inspire J-fashion followers in the West by offering unique and hard-to-find Japanese fashion and beauty items, without the fees and shipping issues associated with buying straight from Japan. Follow us on Instagram at : @dreamybows or at