Tottori Prefectural Government

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Join us on a journey to Tottori and find a whole new Japan.

Tottori is an ideal destination for travellers seeking to venture off the beaten path. Majestic sand dunes shimmer under resplendent starry skies. Old-growth forests enshroud mountain sanctuaries long protected as the dwelling place of gods. Cultural legacies passed down through the ages lives on in historical shrines and temples.

Here, local delicacies prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients punctuate every outdoor adventure. Here, a veritable mountain of unique discoveries awaits. Here, you don’t have to settle for the sights that everyone has already seen.


Nestled between the Sea of Japan and the Chugoku Mountains, Tottori is an 80-minute flight from Tokyo and a few hours by train from Osaka and Kyoto.


This region of unparalleled natural beauty blessed with the fruits of the land and bounty of the sea, has the nationwide famous Tottori Sand Dunes, the crystal-clear Uradome Coast with a stunning stretch of coastline, as well as Mt. Daisen where you can enjoy hiking, cycling, winter sports and other activities at this listed 100 Famous Japanese Mountains.


Besides the thrilling activities and breathtaking scenery, there are 10 natural hot springs, also knowns as onsen, in the prefecture. Soaking in these mineral-rich restorative waters gives a rest to your soul and body stressed in daily life.


The historically rich Tottori preserves various Japanese traditional cultures and buildings including Kurayoshi’s White Wall District where the ambience of Edo and Meiji periods is faithfully retained and the national treasure Nageire Hall of Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Temple.

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