Emma Hodgson


Hello and WELCOME to Lucky Rainbow Boutique all you Kawaii cuties!

We are the one stop shop for all things colourful and ridiculously cute!
Where there is only one superstar that takes centre-stage in wholesome fashion; YOU!

We are HUGE advocates of self expression and have always believed that there are no boundaries in fashion; that you have the right to look and feel amazing no matter what gender OR age you are. Our brand is about about creating and spreading a smile; allowing you to shine bright and be that beautiful bold Rainbow you long to be!

Here at Lucky Rainbow Boutique; we design beautiful Art that is then transformed into gorgeous Clothing and Accessories that are both super stylish and affordable without compromising on quality.

Everything is printed and hand made to order to get the best fit for you, so you can rock YOU! Because…


We have some really exciting NEW designs and products that we hope to share with you all at this wonderful Hyper Japan online, we cannot wait to meet you!