Fuzzballs is the super kawaii pop culture brand that is loved all over the world. Staring an adorable cat named Whisky, a silly tiger named Timmy, a mischievous bunny named Ollie and their friends as they go on the hunt for food, adventure and friendship.

The Fuzzballs started as a cute webcomic that exploded in popularity and now has tens of thousands of fans all over the world. Check out the web comics on our website or via our social media links.

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Join tens of thousands of fans around the world in our super cuteness overload. Read the web comic and find out which Fuzzball you most relate too. Are you pawesome at games? Maybe you just want to take naps and save animals. The Fuzzballs are here to help you be more like you!

The Fuzzballs are also available on iMessage, Line, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Tinder as cute message stickers, just search for Fuzzballs and share the fun.

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Did you know Fuzzballs can also currently be found inside Scribbler greeting card stores as well as shops around the world? The best part about meeting the Fuzzballs at Hyper Japan is you too can meet the creator of Fuzzballs, how cool is that!

There is just too much to say about Fuzzballs, if you like kawaii, cats, animals, video games, anime, pop culture or just cuteness overload we should be the first place you visit.

http://thefuzzballs.tumblr.com https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/fuzzballs/list?title_no=372851 http://www.patreon.com/fuzzballs