Pathway Japan

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Pathway Japan is an ICEF certified consultancy that specialises in supporting those who wish to learn Japanese in Japan.

Japan is known for its characteristically unique culture. Not only does the language, but the customs also differ from all other countries.
Studying in a foreign country can be exciting and have great expectations, but there are many unknowns at the same time.

Many of you are probably wondering I want to learn Japanese in Japan, but where do I start?
This is where Pathway Japan will come in, to support you in taking this first step.
Pathway Japan advises the best way to study in Japan and can assist you in gaining a lifetime experience that can open many doors to your future.

Choose from over 70 fantastic courses in the best Japanese schools. Amazing experience in Japan guaranteed!

Short-term Japanese courses
Coming to Japan on a holiday? Schools are offering fantastic seasonal Japanese Language courses. These courses include Japanese conversation lessons and tons of cultural and social activities. Your holiday in Japan becomes unforgettable.

Planning a gap year? All year round Japanese language courses can fit perfectly with your plan. Japanese conversation lessons with Manga drawing, cooking and more.
From 2 weeks to 12 weeks, there are plenty of great courses to choose from.

Long-term Japanese courses
Wish to become a fluent Japanese speaker? Progress to further education in Japan, or pursue a career in Japan?
Choose from a variety of Japanese courses that are designed specifically for your aim. A solid Japanese language study can lead to achieving your goal.