Official artwork for HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 revealed

Natchan’s New Look!

The winner of our 2019 HYPER Anime Contest, Inko is back to present her illustration for HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021. Last year the UK manga artist designed “Natchan”, a happy-go-lucky girl who loves Japanese culture just as much as the HYPER JAPAN fans. Natchan first appeared wearing a traditional kimono and kitsune mask. But then lockdown happened!

Inko talked to us about the fresh approach she took to working on this year’s Natchan, giving her an updated look to fit with this year’s online platform while still capturing the excitement and variety of the event. Check out her comments below!

Artist’s comment

I had a special thought of Natchan for this year’s Hyper Japan poster. Because the event is online this year, and not the usual summer festival Hyper Japan has been offering. What I tried was making Natchan enjoy the various different contents of the online event at her room. So that the image is the crystallization of all sorts of fun, fun, fun, fun Hyper Japan online activities. She’s dressed in Kawaii fashion with a touch of a very popular Anime series (can you spot it?), munching tasty Dango sweets, surrounded by lovely traditional Japanese ornaments, and on screens of botanical looking monitors, there are lots of Japanese cuisines and activities!

I love the recent 80’s feelings on illustration trends such as Seizo Watase’s colourful artworks, and I thought- why not put the 80’s elements in? So here they are, the pattern on the background, the color theme, the bright cloud floating around Natchan to show her excitement, all these are based on illustrations from the era. Umm… it suits Natchan very well.

Thank you, Inko, and we hope that you are looking forward to taking part in all our online events and activities just like Natchan!

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We’ll see you at HYPER JAPAN Online!

Inko – Biography

Inko is a UK based Japanese manga artist. Her aesthetic features fun and dark crossovers of modern & traditional Eastern and Western cultures, which comes from her studies at Kyoto Zokei university of Art & Design in Japan, and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in the UK before she kicked off her career as a manga & comic artist. She frequently joins various conventions, art projects, gives talks at museums, and delivers manga workshops in and outside the UK.

Her clients include: Kyoto Newspaper, Letraset, Transport For London, British Museum, V&A Museum, Sony Entertainment Japan, and Guardian children’s book.

Her recent publications are: Manga Yokai Stories (Tuttle) 2020, Tam O’Shanter (Cranachan publishing) 2019, Portrait of Violence (New International) 2017. All available at bookstores and amazon UK.

Her Yokai (Japanese monsters) exhibition “Yokai trail” is currently held at Blackwell Arts & Crafts House in BOWNESS-ON-WINDERMERE, till October.

2 new books will be published later this year, stay tuned to her Twitter @yokkoishoichi or her website: http://dokoteiinko.wix.com/inkoredible.