HYPER JAPAN Press Release

HYPER JAPAN New announcements, upcoming events and Pride month

Happy Pride month from HYPER JAPAN!

HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 is drawing closer, and the team is getting busy bringing everything together. We’re also celebrating Pride month right now so you can expect to see some updates to the website, as well as a few themed events like our pop art workshop which features a rainbow redesign of Hokusai’s Fuji. It’s time to start marking events on the calendar!

Free Online Cookery

On the 11th and 29th of July we’ll be hosting free cooking classes with some help from Otafuku Sauce. That means an extra twist of deliciousness to be added into our two selected recipes: the popular pancake style Okonomiyaki and the stir fried noodle dish Yakisoba! These everyday favourites from Japan will be introduced to participants by professional chefs from the Japanese cuisine specialists Sozai Cooking School.

Sip from the world of Sake

One of the most exciting events in the near future is our unique Sake Experience. HYPER JAPAN has partnered up with a variety of different Sake breweries in Japan, and will running a series of sessions from July to August to connect you to the experts behind the production of this iconic drink.

Participants will need to purchase a tasting box before joining their online session, where professional representatives of the brewery who created those samples will be waiting. Discover the basics of sake, and learn about each drink while you embark on a virtual tour inside the brewery.

Artist Announcements for HYPER JAPAN ONLINE

The big event is on the way! Here are a few updates on some of the exciting musical artists you can expect to see at HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021.

Miura Ayme

Visual Kei artist, cosplayer and voice actor Miura Ayme will be presenting an exclusive show for the HYPER JAPAN fans. You can also chat with him for a live session after the performance, so keep you diary clear for July 10th!


A standout group in Japan’s metal scene, Bridear are an all-female quintet. They’re ready to make their mark on the international stage with an upcoming European tour, and their first global album ‘Bloody Bride’. We’ll be checking out a Q&A from fans spread across every country on their tour.


Chitose Saki is the talent behind this idol pop project, bringing heartfelt indie energy to her sound. At HYPER JAPAN ONLINE we’ll be joining her for a Q&A session featuring fan questions.


The alternative band Heavenstamp were planning a UK tour last year, and while that may have been cancelled we’ve managed to grab them for a 30 minute live session. Get connected with the Tokyo based indie rock group!

Masumi Ako

There’s also a 30 minute session with singer-songwriter Masumi Ako planned for HYPER JAPAN ONLINE, where fans will be able to catch the rising star live. We’re looking forward to hearing from the indie vocalist in person!

If you are interested in doing an interview with any artist, please send us your request – using this form.

Keep Updated

With all this and much more, this July and August HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 brings the most exciting and amazing parts of Japanese culture direct from Japan into your heart. Don’t miss it! 

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