HYPER JAPAN Press Release

HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 begins tomorrow!

Interested in attending as a member of the press? Registration is now open, so please get in touch and we’ll get back to you.

Opening Weekend 

HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 will be kicking off with a unique mix of Japanese music, maids and samurai! From Friday 9th July to the end of Sunday 11th this weekend is packed full of HYPER Shows, online music events featuring artists like Masumi Ako , FAKYMiura Aymenano and AMATOUDANSHI whose performances and live sessions will be streamed direct from Japan. 

This weekend will also include a performance and talk session from Samurai artist and Kill Bill actor & choreographer KAMUI, as well as a virtual maid café hosted by Maids of England for those interested in a more relaxed introduction to our online festival. 

Week 2 (Kawaii Week!) 

The second week of HYPER JAPAN ONLINE will involve some our key fashion events.  

Whether you like urban vibes, intense cuteness, Harajuku innovation or classic kimonos, you’re certain to find something that fits your aesthetic during the HYPER J-Fashion ONLINE event. HYPER Cosplay! ONLINE will also be gathering crowds. It’s been too long since we properly celebrated the creativity of the cosplay community, and we’re really excited to see what everyone’s been working on. 

There’s even more going on during week two, so if you’re interested in free castle toursfree art demonstrations, as well as fashion workshops, grab your place now! 

Week 3 (Game Week!) 

Week three has a diverse range of activates to take part in. You can join tours which explore both the modern urban world of Japan, and the traditional culture it evolved from. That means virtual trips to famous locations like Akihabara, and Hagi City Virtual Tour

This is also an important week for gaming fans, as we begin HYPER SPLAT, a Splatoon 2 tournament where 32 teams will compete to reach the final showdown on the 25th. Our HYPER MC’s will be narrating on our official twitch channel! 

If that’s not enough you can also expect music, artist Q&A’s, sake and movies

Week 4 (Traditional Culture Week!) 

This week is all about the food and culture of Japan, and will be an opportunity to experience both paid and free events. Household names like Otafuku SauceS&B, and healthy summer sweets workshop by Amamichan will be leading cooking workshops, the founder of Kengido Samurai Dojo will be hosting 3 days workshop, Japanese cosplayer REIKA will host Kimono Jacket making workshop and there is a free class in basic Japanese available to join. 

During week four we’ll also be connecting with cultural themes of fireworksart, and dance.  

Week 5 (Final Week!) 

It may be the last week of HYPER JAPAN ONLINE! 2021, but some really special events have been crammed into the last few days.  

Workshops this week will be exploring iconic styles of Japanese art, such as ink paintingmanga and origami. Special guests are ready to reveal secrets behind mannerisms of the kimono and production of sake. We’re even welcoming internationally famous Rakugo performer Katsura Sunshine to the online stage, a unique talent who’s been bringing this ancient form of comedy to life in venues along Broadway and The West End. 

Giveaways and Special Offers! 

Throughout the festival, from the 9th of July to the 8th of August, special items and goods will be up for grabs. 

You can follow cute company Sanrio’s Instagram account to win a Kawaii set of mixed characters, or follow S&B to be in with a chance of winning a special gift set of food products. You could even side with the monsters to win Godzilla goods there. 

Special offers are in store for HYPER JAPAN fans at JP Books by using the 15% voucher code (HJ2021FANDE). You can save 25% off selected Shirakabegura Sake on the London Sake website, by entering the code HYPER25. Finally, you can save 50% on Sozai Cooking School’s Master Suda Japanese puffer fish cutting livestream, by entering the code HYJ10! 

See you at HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021

For more information on these or other events at HYPER Online! 2021, check out the HYPER JAPAN homepage or newsletter